YCEH offers free training sessions to gain more volunteers to help with the annual Pit Survey


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY-TV) — Each year, the Yuma Coalition to End Homelessness (YCEH) conducts a survey to see how many residents currently live on the streets.

It’s time for a pit count, also known as a point count. This is a poll to hopefully get more answers and solutions to end homelessness.

The Coalition will conduct the survey from February 23 for four days, talking to as many homeless people as possible.

“It becomes your passion and your fulfillment to want to do all you can to end homelessness, slowly but surely we are trying to do that in the Yuma community,” said Yuma Coalition Leader Lucia Wilson. to End Homelessness.

But having more volunteers is necessary to achieve better results.

“Making sure we have enough people to go out into the community to administer these surveys because we’re not just doing Yuma City, we’re doing all of Yuma County,” Wilson said.

YCEH organizes free training sessions to hopefully get more practical cards.

“To go over with the people who volunteer on how to do the membership survey so they kind of know the do’s and don’ts of talking to them and you know, make sure you that they understand because a lot of people who volunteer have never really dealt with homelessness or anything like that,” Wilson said.

Other training will take place on February 15, 17 and 22, times are yet to be determined.

To help with the investigation, locals are required to attend a training session.

The coalition is always looking for more residents who want to help end homelessness and is open to accepting all donations.

More details on YCEH training sessions can be found below.


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