Western Australia Iron Ore Community Development Report 2022


Social value is BHP’s positive contribution to society – to our employees, partners, economy, environment and local communities. It’s about creating lasting mutual benefits for BHP, our shareholders and the wider community. Creating and accelerating social value is part of our business strategy and is also a strong focus of our future business planning.

In fiscal year 2022, our total community development expenditure in Western Australia was $441.1 million.

We spent more than $324 million with local businesses in Port Hedland and Newman, including $60.7 million with local small businesses through the Buy Local program, resulting in more jobs premises and training opportunities in Western Australia. We increased our spending with Aboriginal businesses by 69% over the previous year to $158.5 million, including $72.6 million with 33 traditional owner businesses. Through our Project Rise initiative, we aim to reach $300 million in annual spend by 2024.

We also officially opened our South Flank mine in October 2021. South Flank is BHP’s most technically advanced mine and when commissioned will create the largest iron ore mining center in the world. It will support over 600 ongoing jobs, as well as opportunities for hundreds of local businesses and billions of dollars in royalties for Western Australia.

We have also contributed $44 million to a range of community projects, particularly in the Pilbara, including our ongoing childcare partnership with Child Australia to improve childcare services in Newman and Port Hedland, funding for Pilbara Aboriginal Medical Services to hire additional GPs, immunization support and other health initiatives for regional and remote communities.

You can read more about how we are creating and accelerating social value in WA in the WAIO Community Development Report for Fiscal Year 2022.


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