Webb resigns and Loyd replaces Denison’s director of planning and community development


Denison has announced that he will undergo leadership changes in the coming weeks. In a press release issued Tuesday afternoon, the city announced that the executive director of planning and community development, John Webb, had resigned after more than 25 years of planning experience in North Texas.

Denison Fire Chief Gregg Loyd will assume the role of Acting Director of Planning and Community Development. The city is currently looking for a new fire chief.

“Loyd has extensive knowledge of the fire development code and has been a part of the town’s leadership team since he was hired in 2016,” the statement said. “His wealth of knowledge and leadership is invaluable to the community and the town is delighted that Loyd continues to serve Denison in this way.”

The change is the “first major update to the zoning code in decades,” the statement said.

“We are blessed that Gregg remains with the Denison team,” City Manager Greg Smith said in the statement. “This is a wonderful opportunity for the City to retain a valuable asset to the workforce and for Gregg to broaden his horizons. We look forward to working with him in his new role. “

The future of the position of Director of Planning and Community Development remains uncertain. While Loyd was made the acting manager, city officials said there were no plans to make any further changes to the post. When asked if the city is looking for a permanent manager, officials said the city is evaluating the position.

The release also touched on Denison Fire Rescue’s future plans.

“Going forward, Denison Fire Rescue (DFR) will be under the leadership of Kenneth Jacks, who has been appointed interim fire chief and will begin service with DFR on October 11, 2021,” the statement said. “Most recently, Jacks served as the Acting Fire Chief for Tomball, TX, having spent 27 years with the Richardson Fire Department, then served as the Fire Chief for the Fire Department of New Braunfels until 2019. Jacks has a degree in fire science. from the University of Southern Columbia and a Master Firefighter certified by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, a Master Fire Investigator, a Master Fire Inspector and a Master Fire Instructor. fire departments III. “

Jacks is also certified as the General Manager of Fire Services at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School.

“The city is delighted to welcome Kenneth as the interim chief of Denison Fire Rescue,” Smith said in the statement. “His vast knowledge and management experience makes him the ideal candidate to continue to advance DFR and lead the team through the transition to a full-time fire chief.

Once a new fire chief is selected, the city plans to end his contract with Jacks. City officials said there were no plans to retain him during the transition, as the city department already has two deputy chiefs.


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