Volunteer police cadets praised for community service


RICHMOND MP Rishi Sunak hailed the enthusiasm and commitment of nine young people who volunteered to serve their community as police cadets.

The nine cadets were the stars of a passing out parade which Mr Sunak attended and will now assist regular police officers in their duties in North Yorkshire.

At the event, held at Catterick Garrison, the cadets were introduced to Mr Sunak, Richmondshire Inspector Mark Gee and the North Yorkshire Force’s new Deputy Chief Constable Elliot Foskett.

Friends and family watched with pride as the cadets – Francesca Buckley, Jack Carter, Carys Emptage, Leah Holme, Edward Land, Ellie-Kaye Macarther, Charlotte Morris, Lewis Normanton and Thomas Walker – parade, be inspected and take the oath of cadets.

The fainting event followed a 12-week induction that involved a weekly two-hour session to learn police duties and skills, some basic laws, and physical activities and drills.

Now, cadets will be able to volunteer a minimum of three hours a month to help regular officers with a variety of local policing duties, including attending community events such as fairs and carnivals, and participating in crime prevention and crime prevention events. community safety.

They will also continue their practice nights, gaining more experience in the various departments of the force, including crime scene investigation, traffic policing and the canine section.

Mr Sunak said: ‘It was inspiring to meet a group of enthusiastic and committed young people who are committed to helping keep their local community safe and taking the first steps towards what could be a full-time career. as a policeman.

“Their families were clearly very proud of what these young people have already achieved – and rightly so. They bring honor to their local communities.

Insp Gee also praised cadets and cadet staff – volunteers who also serve as special constables, police officers and PCSOs.

“The Cadet Unit leads its teams at its own pace, continually working hard to ensure the cadets are the best they can be. We are grateful for their commitment. »

Catterick Unit Leader Sgt Nadine Slattery said she was always impressed with the dedication week after week of the young cadets.

She added: ‘I am proud of the achievements of the Catterick program with former cadets now achieving both police personnel and officer career roles.


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