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The project is still in its early stages, and the EPICS team plans to have it ready for installation this summer, as part of DoSeum’s “Earth Matters” exhibit for its “Summer of Sustainability” series. Although Aguilera has graduated, several members of the EPICS team remain enrolled at UTSA, including Romain Gonzalez.

Gonzalez, an electrical engineering graduate, believes the project with The DoSeum is a great opportunity to build on the skills and knowledge developed through classwork at UTSA.

“He brought a lot of elements together,” Gonzalez said. “We learned deeper skills in CAD (computer-aided design) and programming, and we got experience in design and project management. Aguilera adds, “The main difference between EPICS and a typical class is the constant change. The project grows and expands, you encounter bumps where you have to figure things out.

The project, the latest in an ongoing relationship between Klesse College and DoSeum, is a great opportunity for students to give back to the local community while honing their professional skills through experiential learning.

“The EPICS program allows The DoSeum to tap into the incredible and burgeoning engineering talent here in San Antonio,” said DoSeum’s Vice President of Exhibitions. Meredith Doby. “We are excited to give students the opportunity to build a real customer relationship and teach them about the field of museum exhibit design.”

Hello AugustDirector of EPICS and Associate Teaching Professor at UTSA in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Klesse College, views the program as an important way for students to develop skills important for career success.

“EPICS offers students a wonderful opportunity to experience the design process throughout their academic progression, from freshman year through graduation, to work on engineering solutions that will be put into practice and to experience the entire design process,” Allo said, “all while experiencing a real, observable impact on our local community.


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