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Omaha, NE – The Community Engagement Scholarship Transcript (CESTD) designation documents and recognizes undergraduate students for their community engagement experiences.

Students who receive this designation connect their academic endeavors to our community through service learning, community learning, and volunteering. To earn this designation, each student completes 1 community learning experience, 6 hours of service-learning coursework, 135 hours of service, as well as written reflections for each requirement. Written reflections speak of the knowledge, skills and abilities they have acquired through their engaged experiences.

The designation allows students to to prove to future employers how they participated in community involvement while at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Springg diploma 2021 recognized four students to earn this designation.

Most recent graduates Recognized and committed researchers

Makayla Leiting

Business Administration

“The Community Scholarship Transcript designation has allowed me to better connect and become a leader in the many different communities I am involved with. Through service learning, volunteerism, and community learning experiences, I discovered how important it is to move forward and make a difference in my community to create a positive and lasting impact.”

Peak Taylor

Public Affairs and Community Service

“Ultimately, the culmination of my activities [in the CESTD] shaped my perspective of representation, the power of her voice and the involvement of students”. “Whether my experiences have been positive or stimulating, the greatest benefit is to venture outside the classroom to gain insight genuine in the world”.

Marissa Morales

arts and sciences

“In all honesty, community learning experiences are something I recommend all students take part in at college. I know I’ve learned a lot from every experience I’ve been involved in. J felt I was able to put my learning into action by understanding systemic injustices and trying to work with community leaders to address them head-on. None of this work is easy, but I love the challenge that accompany him!”

Previously Recognized Students

Please note that this list does not include those in the first year of the program.

How to register

UNO students can self-register by scanning the QR code below or going through the CESTD canvas page. UNO faculty may also nominate a student.

Here are some of the benefits for UNO students who earn this designation:

  • Networking and referral development opportunities
  • Experiences that enrich your CV
  • Connect your career goals to your community
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage with employers
  • Strengthen communication, leadership and teamwork skills
  • Find new strengths and interests
  • Learn more about the importance of community issues


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