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The Kentucky Office of Rural Health, in partnership with the Citizen CPR Foundation, announced two one-day virtual sessions focused on improving efforts to save lives from sudden cardiac arrest. Participation in both sessions is free.

The Citizen CPR Academy, scheduled for June 22, will offer a blueprint to local and regional leaders on how survival rates from cardiac arrest can be improved. Topics to be discussed include the value of a community-based approach to improving survival rates; using data to inform local strategies; new approaches to teaching CPR; optimal placement of automated external defibrillators; the usefulness of AED registers; and additional primary and secondary prevention strategies.

The session, which runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EDT, is designed for a wide range of participants, including first responders, public health personnel, hospital and clinic administrators, local government officials , school officials and other interested members of the community.

Further details and registration are available online at

The Community Resuscitator program, scheduled for June 23, will prepare leaders to identify, coordinate and implement lifesaving strategies designed to improve community readiness, system response, system performance and outcomes related to sudden cardiac arrest at local and regional levels.

The session will focus on leadership skills, community assessment tools, and best practices that support community-wide initiatives. Specific topics to cover include: approaching the branding of your community initiatives; the need for community buy-in and how to get it; the importance of collaboration; the use of indicators to measure the success of the project; Public engagement; and sustainability.

This session, which runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EDT, is specifically designed for first responders, public health officials, and other local leaders who have a vested interest or responsibility in advocating for efforts to improve rates. survival from sudden cardiac arrest.

Additional details and registration for the C program are available at

Participants of the Community Resuscitation Worker Program are also requested to attend the Citizen CPR Academy.


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