The Hartford Foundation Distributes $110,000 for Community Engagement Programs


The Hartford Foundation for Public Giving announced Monday that it is distributing more than $110,000 in grants for six community engagement programs in the area.

The foundation announced that it is awarding six grants totaling $110,874 to organizations working on grassroots civic engagement efforts in their respective communities. The six groups receiving the first Resident Engagement Grants are:

  • $24,999 for Legacy Advocacy to establish a youth-led campaign aimed at addressing and educating people about issues that immigrants typically face with identification and obtaining permits issued by the state.
  • $17,500 to the Center for Leadership and Justice to fund a large research project to measure the effectiveness of the Urban Suburban Affordables program, an affordable housing program launched in Hartford in 1992.
  • $15,000 to Community First School Inc. for its Putting Community First project, designed to further empower residents of the Northeast Hartford neighborhood through meetings and roundtables.
  • $24,435 to HartBeat Ensemble Inc., to support the “(im)migration 360” performance series that paints a picture of the local immigrant experience in America.
  • $23,940 to the National Conference for Community and Justice for the organization’s community-wide inclusive conversations covering topics such as racism and LGBTQIA+ issues with urban and suburban audiences in the service area of the Foundation.
  • $5,000 to the Ujima African American Alliance to support its work for inclusivity in Enfield by changing the community’s education system. This grant supported a community-focused June 19 inaugural celebration in Enfield this year.

According to the foundation, the organization has not dictated a preferred method for involving residents through the grants. But the organization demanded that community engagement efforts have a strong chance of increasing civic inclusivity and participation.


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