The Bristol Press – Bristol Historical Society Presents Volunteer and Community Service Awards


BRISTOL — The Bristol Historical Society recently held its annual dinner and presented its volunteer awards and community service award to a local non-profit organization.

The Bristol Historical Society presented its Volunteer of the Year awards to two long-time members, Lisa Doyle-Bell and Steve Cowdell. Maya Bringe, president of the Bristol Historical Society, said the two volunteers play a vital role.

Doyle-Bell is co-chair of the collections committee and senior manager of the building’s textile collection, as well as head of the hospitality committee. Cowdell is a member of the building committee and Bringe said his expertise has been “invaluable” in providing “constant care” to the Bristol Historical Society building at 98 Summer St., which was built in the 1890s.

“I think it’s really telling that our two winners this year have such different roles,” said Bringe. “It really shows how many skill sets are required by an all-volunteer organization. We are deeply fortunate to have both.”

Doyle-Bell said she was thrilled to have received the Volunteer of the Year award.

“I have been preparing refreshments for the Third Thursday program for over 10 years now, tying snacks to the program,” she said. “For example, a Civil War program would have cakes from this period. Our recent bird program had hummingbird cupcakes and bird pudding. Love history and enjoy our recreation of historic Bristol notables and j look forward to the next Lantern Tour.”

The community organization honored this year was The Agape House, which serves the homeless and needy community in Bristol.

“A faith-based organization, The Agape House takes a holistic approach to homelessness, meeting the material needs of those in need, as well as life skills training, shelter and relationship-based responsibility,” said said Bringe.

Matt Norton accepted the award on behalf of The Agape House, presented by former Mayor and Bristol Historical Society member Ellen Zoppo‐Sassu. Bringe said he spoke of the continued need for support in the community. For more information on the Agape House, visit

During the annual dinner, the recipient of the Bristol Historical Society’s 2022 Annual Fellowship, Victoria Kosciukiewicz, received her award and read her award-winning essay.

The BHS scholarship is awarded annually to a senior connected with a college in Bristol. One of the requirements for the annual BHS scholarship is an essay on the history of part of Bristol. Kosciukiewicz, read her essay on the Carousel Museum, its history and its meaning to her.

Bristol seniors interested in applying for the scholarship scheme in the future will be able to find applications at their school guidance offices in the spring.

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Published in The Bristol Press, Bristol on Tuesday September 20, 2022 12:39 PM. Updated: Tuesday September 20, 2022 12:41.

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