Syd Howarth Community Service Award 2021


This year’s Syd Howarth Community Service Award has once again exceeded expectations with a plethora of nominations, showcasing so many wonderful residents of Newton Aycliffe, who willingly volunteer their time to help others.
Due to the number and quality of nominations received, the Howarth family decided to increase the prize pool and added three more prizes worth £ 100 to each of the winners.
The main prize of £ 250, a certificate and a glass trophy was presented to Pamela Lovelass this week at the offices of Newton Press, Blue Bridge Center.
Pam has been a resident of Newton Aycliffe since the age of 18 and has worked in many professions including catering at Stephenson Way School, Woodham Comprehensive, St Mary’s and Vane Road. Pam took early retirement at the end of her quarantine due to illness. Pam has attended church regularly since 1968, being a Sunday School teacher and Tawny Owl Brownie Leader.
A chaplaincy course at Ushaw Moor saw Pam placed at the busy Metro Center, later becoming the chaplain of downtown Newton Aycliffe, also completing a three-year Living Theology Today course in the Diocese of Durham.
Pam was drawn to nursing and nursing homes and after completing the Authorized Pastoral Ministry Course, Saving Classes and Wings of Worship, she began what became her ultimate gift by visiting Nursing Homes. by Newton Aycliffe. Take communion, show care, share love and kindness with residents. As a member of the church choir, Pam often included choir singing sessions during the tours.
She was a branch leader for Mother’s Union for many years, observing and helping the organization grow at the local level. Pam has led worship on a regular basis and recently completed her training to be a funeral minister, caring for people at the saddest times of their lives, showing compassion and strength, bringing comfort and hope.
The winners of the £ 100 vouchers are Sharon Franklin (Clear & Care for the Community), Alison Firby (Play Cafe) and Jean Rutter (Newton Aycliffe Scout Supporters Association).
The Howarth family would like to thank all residents who sent in entries, helping us recognize those in our community who do so much for others and congratulate this year’s winners.

An ode to Syd Howarth
Newton News received the following poem from an anonymous reader, written about our late founder, Syd Howarth.

Today I thought of a friend who always found time for you,
Who helped you when you started something new.
He always supported and encouraged,
It is a blessing to call him a friend.
He wrote the news of the day as it was,
He has always been honest and true.
He loved the city he lived in and cared about the people in,
He was not snobbish or rude at all times.
He did his job with one idea in mind,
To help everyone he knew.
He helped the many groups in this city,
He always gave the best of himself.
Today I will remember this wonderful man
And I will honor him forever.
I would just like to say from the bottom of my heart: ‘Syd, thank you’.

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