Southern Maine Community College Launches Tech Training for Electric Vehicles


Southern Maine Community College launched the state’s first program to train technicians in servicing electric and hybrid vehicles.

The class is designed for technicians who work in auto repair shops, car dealerships, and other vehicle-related businesses. For the classroom, students take a one-week hands-on course at CMCC’s Automotive Technology Center after first completing 32 hours of online instruction.

The first course, which is full, is offered this month. Additional classes will be scheduled in 2022, according to a press release.

“The shortage of qualified technicians is on the verge of becoming an international crisis,” said Ruth Morrison, chair of the CMCC’s automotive technology program, who will teach future courses. “There are a lot of electric and hybrid vehicles in production, and we don’t have enough people who know how to work on them.”

The short-term training course is offered as part of the SMCC Workforce Training Program for businesses and organizations that need employees trained in electric vehicle repair. The course teaches students to perform practical work and prepares them to take an industry certification test.

Among the students in the first class of electric vehicle repair are master automotive technicians from VIP Tires & Service, an Auburn-based automotive service provider and tire dealer with 65 locations in New England.

Electric vehicle sales are growing rapidly in Maine and the United States, and VIP needs certified electric vehicle workers, said company president and CEO Tim Winkeler.

“Electric vehicles are clearly the wave of the future, and until now no training options were available in Maine,” Winkeler said. “The training and certification of our automotive technicians will enable VIP to offer local repair of electric vehicles to residents of Maine. “

Southern Maine Community College is the largest and oldest community college in Maine. Founded in 1946, SMCC offers courses at the South Portland and Brunswick campuses, online and through community satellite sites.


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