Somerset County Sheriff’s Office Hosts Free Active Shooter Training Event


Law enforcement officials say being prepared and ready for any situation is a priority to maintain security.

The Somerset County Sheriff’s Office has held free active-fire training over the past two days – specifically for faith and community leaders.

“You have places of worship and certain businesses that are easy targets,” says Sheriff Darrin Russo.

Religious leaders say this type of training is important since places of worship are generally open to the public and intended to be welcoming, yet safe.

“Nowadays we have to be smart with our surroundings…We are an open and welcoming space, and anyone can enter the church,” says Caroline Jinkins, pastor of Lamington Presbyterian Church.

Deputy Tim Pino says the training will help everyone know what law enforcement officers go through in an active shooter situation.

“What we’re trying to show over the last two days is the response from law enforcement, so they actually have an idea behind their heads of what’s going on on the other side…I think it’s important for peace of mind,” he said. said.

In the event of a dangerous situation where they wouldn’t want to send a SWAT operator, law enforcement officials use a robot to do the job.

“If there was a threat – an active shooter type situation – they could send this robot to deal with that threat or assess the situation,” says Pino.

The sheriff’s department also has a K-9 unit that can detect bombs, narcotics, or missing persons.


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