Savannah City Council working on housing and community development plan


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – The Savannah City Council is working on a new housing and community development plan for the next five years.

The Board discussed the plan at Thursday’s workshop. The 2023-2027 Housing and Community Development presentation detailed four categories of interest from the community needs survey, including housing, neighborhoods, utilities, and economic development.

The presentation also highlighted five-year goals focused on workforce housing, such as improving and expanding 500 units for low-income tenants, including those who are homeless.

Homelessness sparked conversations among council members, as one of the goals was to provide housing for 200 people who are homeless and live with disabilities each year.

District 1 Alderman Bernetta Lanier raised concerns that homelessness is not being addressed properly at this time.

“All these heaps and heaps of funds are coming into our market. If we have people who need housing and we have these vacant units that we see clearly and the money is in the market, then something is wrong because we are not attracting people who have need the resource in the housing market, but we want to demolish the houses,” Lanier said.

Other concerns have been raised by Alderman Keisha Gibson Carter about homeless shelters not having enough capacity for those in need.

The plan also detailed greater community access to services such as the Moses Jackson Advancement Center and job training programs.


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