Royal Military College – Duntroon Training Exercise on the Cooloola Coast


RMC – The Duntroon Battle Block 1C training exercise will be held on the Cooloola coast for several weeks starting in late August

During the period August 29 and September 19Royal Military College Duntroon will conduct a training exercise in the three townships of Cooloola Coast and surrounding areas.

The activity aims to simulate a peace and stability operation in the region near Australia to test the next generation of military leaders in a realistic and challenging situation.

This exercise is the final training activity for future army officers before graduation and is designed to develop their understanding of contemporary operations in a complex environment. During the exercise period, the public can see the establishment of temporary operating bases within the community and the conduct of military operations such as patrols and vehicle checkpoints.

The exercise also includes actors who will be wearing a mix of civilian and military attire and who may be carrying firearms. Blank ammunition and pyrotechnics will be used for some aspects of the training. Residents should not be alarmed if they see military personnel or hear loud noises during the exercise period.

The opportunity to conduct this activity on the Cooloola Coast is a privilege and the patience and cooperation of the local community is greatly appreciated during the completion of this essential training.

A hotline will be established upon arrival in the area to allow community members to engage directly with activity coordinators should any issues arise. Keep an eye out for additional information displayed in the townships.

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