Riot Games rules Sinatraa must undergo training, apologizes to Valorant community


Contrary to a previously published email that suggested otherwise, Riot Games has announced that Jay “sinatraa” Won must attend and undergo professional driving training in order to return to Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) action.

On April 14, two days after announcing he was considering a return to professional play following a sexual abuse investigation and a six-month suspension in 2021, sinatraa tweeted a screenshot of an email he received from Riot that apparently paved the way for his VCT eligibility. .

In response, Riot Games esports president John Needham issued a statement acknowledging that the initial handling of the situation was a “mistake”.

“On Thursday, April 14,” the Needham statement read, “the Competitive Operations team became aware of an email sent by a member of our team which incorrectly stated that a mandatory element of a competitive decision returned to Jay “Sinatraa” Won was not necessary.

“We have advised Mr. Won that contrary to this communication, and pursuant to the Competitive Ruling, he is required to undergo professional driving training.”

Needham went on to mention that Riot had already begun working with Sinatraa to complete their training, which would focus on “conducting themselves as a professional”, “complying with rules and regulations”, and “complying with investigations”.

In the January “Conduct Training Update” email that Sinatraa shared, a member of the Riot Competitive Operations team apparently told him that, regarding the prospect of having to undergo “cooperation with investigations” training, “we have the impression that you already know most of the information covered by the training.”

Going forward, Needham said Riot has launched an internal survey of those involved within the company and is reviewing its policies and procedures to ensure competitive decisions are properly followed in the future.

“The allegations made in this case are among the most significant that can be made against an individual and we take all of these allegations very seriously,” Needham said. “We would like to apologize to the Valorant community for our mistake.”


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