Rendall & Rittner Appoint New Head of Community Engagement


Rendall & Rittner has appointed Denzil Baisden as its new Community Engagement Manager to strengthen the sense of community experienced by residents living in developments managed by the Chief Management Officer

Denzil Baisden joined Rendall & Rittner in 2009, initially working as a member of the concierge team. After briefly leaving to work as an Account Manager for Abbatt Property Recruitment, he returned to Rendall & Rittner in 2019 as Division Operations Manager. Denzil also works as a school principal and has experience volunteering at a YMCA community center.

Baisden’s new role as Community Engagement Officer will combine his passions for customer service, community development and photography.

With a commitment to providing high quality services to its residents, Rendall & Rittner has been hosting a range of community events for many years.

While his predecessor Mark Gomes has moved to a different part of the business, Denzil will focus on a series of events for residents of Rendall & Rittner’s nationwide real estate portfolio, which includes more than 80,000 residential units under his management.

“Develop skills and progress in my career”

Commenting on his new appointment as Head of Community Engagement, Baisden said, “Rendall & Rittner has helped me develop my skills and progress in my career. The company is great at matching the right people to the right roles and I’m really looking forward to using my skills in my new role as Community Engagement Manager.

“I hope the events organized by Rendall and Rittner will encourage a growing sense of community within the developments we manage. I look forward to planning a calendar of events for residents to enjoy throughout the year. With Easter and the Queen’s Jubilee fast approaching, I will find myself stuck in the variety of events currently planned.

“Promote Community Cohesion”

Managing Director Richard Daver also commented, “With community development at the center of what we do, we are delighted to have Denzil as our new Community Engagement Manager.

“His passion for customer service and fostering community cohesion will be essential for this role. In his new role, Denzil will ensure residents of our portfolio developments are able to engage with their communities. »


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