Purcellville police officer honored for community service


Sergeant Robert Wagner was honored by the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club, Old Dominion Chapter, for his outstanding record of community service to the Town of Purcellville and the Purcellville Police Department. The award was presented to Sergeant Wagner at their annual fundraising event in Leesburg, Va., To benefit veterans and law enforcement officers and their families.

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Sergeant Wagner was chosen to be recognized by the Nam Knights of America for being the epitome of a community-engaged police officer. Police departments in a small town like Purcellville offer officers the opportunity to get to know those who live and / or work in the town on a more personal level. Sergeant Wagner is always happy to provide any service possible, whether it’s just giving instructions, changing a flat tire, or helping someone who has accidentally locked their keys in the car. In addition to helping with simple tasks, Sergeant Wagner also engages with the community on a larger scale. Whether it’s volunteering time to participate in the local high school football practices, helping the homeless get a hot meal, warm clothes and finding a safe place to stay, or personally supervising elderly residents after their surgery, Sergeant Wagner makes an effort to get to know people of all ages in Purcellville and provide support in any way.

“Sergeant Wagner always goes above and beyond for someone in need,” said Chief Cynthia McAlister. “Last year, he led the construction of a new patio and ramp for an elderly resident, and personally completed the follow-up maintenance of the structure for her this summer, including washing. under pressure and dyeing. While these aren’t typical police officer’s duties, Sergeant Wagner makes a point of making sure those in town who need help get it. Sergeant Wagner’s heart and mind are exemplified in his expression of kindness and empathy towards the people he serves, and are refreshing not only in his conversations, but most importantly in his actions. Its ability to continually, day after day, year after year, foster positive and lasting relationships is invaluable, especially in the current climate where the emphasis is on mistrust of law enforcement, ”said said Chief McAlister.


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