PSNI Launches New Mobile Resource to Increase Community Engagement


An innovative new mobile engagement unit has officially hit the road after its launch this week in Newry.

The vehicle has been adapted and equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment. Four monitors will be inside the unit and one outside so that the presentations can be seen both inside and outside the unit, with a side awning providing further possibilities. of use. Five game consoles will be included in the unit, which will help facilitate PSNI’s engagement, especially with young people. It also has an external racing simulator which can be used with young people and during road safety events.

The goal of the vehicle is to maximize engagement, education and crime prevention opportunities with the public.

PSNI Sergeant Warren Roberts of the Newry City Neighborhood Police Team (NPT) said, “The idea of ​​a mobile facility is to improve the service we provide and to increase contact with the public, especially young people in our communities.

“The mobile resource is a positive step forward in community policing. Ongoing changes in policing have forced PSNI to rethink the way it interacts with the community. Policing well and making our communities safer is a key priority for us.

“We have worked with our partners in the Police and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) to provide this valuable resource to our communities of Newry, Morne and Down.”

Newry, Morne & Down PPCP Chairman Councilor Alan Lewis said: “The PPCP is working in partnership with the PSNI to develop community engagement and policing opportunities in our municipal district. We are delighted to have been involved in the development of this new state-of-the-art mobile engagement unit that will be used to engage with residents and local communities, especially youth and isolated groups. The Unit will also be used to support community events and will be brought directly into communities to support a range of activities – the benefits and opportunities are truly endless. ‘

Liam Gunn, Housing Executive Area Manager for South Down, said: “Tackling and preventing anti-social behavior is a priority for the Housing Executive, and working in partnership is extremely important in enabling us to do this. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with the PSNI and the PPCP to provide this additional resource to Newry, Morne and Down. This project enables agencies to work together and maximize PSNI’s engagement with communities and individuals in hard-to-reach areas and minority groups, tackle organized crime, target ASB hot spots and reduce fear of crime, which is important in our executive housing communities.


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