Prime Minister of Tasmania – Community Engagement Session for Bicheno Ambulance Station


July 15, 2022

Jeremy Rockliff, Prime Minister

John Tucker, Liberal MP for Lyon

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is committed to providing the infrastructure we need to support our dedicated paramedics and volunteers who provide vital services to the community.

The construction of six new ambulance stations is part of the government’s commitment to providing new rural and regional paramedics across Tasmania and ensuring they have modern and safe facilities in local communities. The new rural stations will be built in Bridgewater, Oatlands, Longford, Queenstown, Beaconsfield and Bicheno.

We understand that there are concerns within the local community in Bicheno regarding the proposed site for the new station.

Although the decision to select the current site was made in good faith and with consideration of the needs of Ambulance Tasmania to provide emergency response services to the community, we have listened to the concerns raised.

In response, a community engagement session will be held so that we can discuss more broadly with the community the requirements for the new Bicheno Ambulance Station and consider any concerns before finalizing the site.

The community engagement session will take place in August, on a date to be announced.

We look forward to committing to this vital project for the region.

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