Parent Leadership Training Institute in Alexandria Receives $ 250,000 Grant for Racial Justice Initiative


PLTI Alumni Racial Equity Forum Community Participants 2019 (Photo: Zohreh Khoshnamark / Courtesy PLTI)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Alexandria-based Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) received a $ 250,000 grant from the Horning Family Foundation as part of the foundation’s Racial Justice Initiative (RJI). PLTI is expected to receive $ 50,000 per year over a five-year period starting in 2022.

In total, Horning chose 11 organizations that, according to a page on their website, are working to improve “one or more of the following systems: criminal justice system, transformative justice, housing, education, employment and economic justice, health and media. and communication. Another objective is “the abolition of prison systems”.

PLTI’s mission statement states that their goal is to “empower parents to be the primary advocates for their children.” Parents’ opinions are often ignored. They may lack advocacy skills, but no motivation or willingness to change the lives of their children. PLTI teaches parents to be experienced change agents for the next generation.

What exactly is parental leadership? The concept is described as the ability of parents to participate in society in a way that will benefit their children.

Through their efforts, PLTI has many goals, including helping parents become the leaders they envision. develop groups of mutually supportive parents and increase parent-child interactions so that the child experiences positive outcomes more frequently.

The $ 2.5 million RJI launched this year in response to the disproportionate impact of covid-19 on the black community, as well as other people of color, and calls from activists for philanthropists to support the movement for the racial justice. The initiative supports black-led organization and advocacy to help ensure that the efforts of the people and those of their affiliated organizations have long-term sustainability.

“This grant will help [PLTI] re-engage their alumni network by planning meaningful community engagement around the eight topics that were discussed at the 2019 Racial Equity Forum, ”said Eliza Engle, Class 7 graduate and current board chair . “We will also work with other funding agencies to secure funds to restart our 20-week[PLTI}programwhichhashelpedtransformparentsandotherinterestedcitizensintocommunityleadersengagedintheAlexandriaregion”[PLTI}programthathashelpedtransformparentsandotherinterestedcitizensityAndoengagededersandotherinterestedcitizensity[PLTI}de20semainesquiaaidéàtransformerlesparentsetautrescitoyensintéressésenleaderscommunautairesengagésdanslavilled’Alexandrie»[PLTI}programthathashelpedtransformparentsandotherinterestedcitizensintoengagedcommunityleadersintheCityofAlexandria”

Topics covered at the forum included: pedestrian safety; sanitation, health and maintenance of the community; law enforcement and police protection; Recreation; city ​​employment; lodging; Communication; and education.

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