Online credit without Postident.

In most cases, anyone applying for a loan online has to endure a postident procedure. This is time-consuming because it requires going to a post office. There are a few banks on the Internet that offer online credit without Postident.

Alternative video legitimation

Alternative video legitimation

It is much more convenient for consumers if their identity can be verified at home. The new video legitimation makes it possible. The loan seeker only needs a computer with a webcam and a valid ID. The consumer must first enter the personal information in a pre-made online form. An employee of the bank then compares the data with the ID, which must be held up in front of the camera for this purpose. This procedure replaces the previous Postident procedure at the post office counter.

The classic Postident procedure was time-consuming for bank customers. To do this, the trip to the post office had to be accepted. This was usually associated with long queues in the visitor queue. It has also delayed the payment of the loan amount. If the customer did not come to the post office immediately and therefore the identity could not be verified, the transfer of the loan amount was also delayed. There was no money from the bank without an identity check.

With the new video legitimation process, this has improved in the customer’s favor. However, not every bank offers this yet. Other financial institutions will certainly follow this example so that an online loan without Postident is the future.

Online credit without Postident

Online credit without Postident through Smava (Link:

The Internet portal Good Finance also offers the new video legitimation. Good Finance is a portal where private investors make loans. Although Credit Bureau also plays an important role here, a loan approval can be made despite negative entries. Whether the loan search is successful depends on the self-portrayal of the loan seeker. In the past, loans were launched despite negative creditworthiness.

The loan amount is made up of several donors. This minimizes the risk of failure for the individual donor. After registering on the portal, consumers can set the credit request. It makes sense to briefly explain the intended use. Self-employed and freelancers are welcome here, which is not the case with every classic bank. Despite the fluctuating income situation, people understand this professional group and are ready to take out an online loan without Postident.