Office of Housing and Community Development unveils new name and branding


CLARKSVILLE, TN – The City of Clarksville Office of Housing and Community Development (CNCS) is kicking off the new year with a new name and departmental branding. Formerly known as the Office of Housing and Community Development, the ministry has renamed itself “Neighborhood and Community Services” to improve its mission, programming and community outreach.

City Communications worked with the Neighborhood & Community Services team to create a name and brand that reflects the department’s overall mission and represents the department’s role in the Clarksville community.

New CNCS department logo

“Our new brand is a representation of our vibrant city,” said project manager Clarissa Tucker. “It shows where we live, worship, work, learn, entertain, bank and, most importantly, where we thrive. The circle visually focuses on our thriving city and serves to include all citizens of Clarksville.

The house is prominently placed in the foreground of the logo to represent the neighborhoods and communities served by our department, and the flow of the river symbolizes movement and progression to be better, serve the community better and live better.

The department has also included “Clarksville” in its informal name in its branding to associate it as a city department and distinguish it from other local agencies. The name and logo are ultimately inspired to be an appropriate representation of what the department does for the community, focusing on helping low to moderate income families in their homes, neighborhoods and the communities in which they live. all.

The official name of “Department of Neighborhood and Community Services” was adopted by the city council at the regular council meeting on December 2.


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