Nigeria: Banditry – Zamfara reports training of newly recruited community protection guards


The Zamfara State Government has announced the training of newly recruited Community Protection Guards (CPGs).

CPGs were recruited from each of the 19 emirate councils in the state

Speaking at Saturday’s event, Governor Bello Matagalle said his administration is committed to implementing additional security measures to combat the insurgency in the state.

Regarding the decision to create the CPG, he said he was informed by his administration’s desire to work out all possible options to deal with the increase in acts of banditry causing loss of life, untold hardship and the breakdown of intercommunal peace in parts of the state.

Matawall briefed the CPG on the task ahead of them and urged them to focus fully on their training.

“As community protection guards, yours is a patriotic call, your names would stand out in history as people with remarkable patriotism, selflessness and love for peace, only brave and courageous people will offer to serve as guards of their communities, courageously rising up to face the brutal infamy of bandits,” he said.

He urged them to work within the parameters of the rules of engagement which he said would be clearly spelled out during the training,

Zamfara authorities recently told residents to arm themselves against bandits.

The state has recorded many attacks in the ongoing banditry ravaging the North West region, while many attempts to appease the bandits have failed.

The government had struck a phantom peace deal with the gangs and reportedly paid huge ransoms when students were abducted from classrooms, but the attacks continued.


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