New community service program for 25,000 unemployed – In December, OAED’s invitation


In early December, OAED’s invitation for the new eight-month public assistance program for 25,000 unemployed people in municipalities, regions and regional social protection centers will be published after the decision has been signed. relevant joint of the Ministers of Finance, Development, Environment, Education and Energy, Culture, Maritime Transport, Home Affairs and the Deputy Minister of Development.

This will be followed by the submission of applications for unemployed people registered in the Organization’s register who have the right to participate in the program, while the placement of beneficiaries in positions should take place in early 2022.

Work and training

The action has a total budget of 188.6 million euros, is co-financed by the NSRF and OAED and has two components:

The first concerns the placement in a specific job for 8 months of the unemployed registered in the OAED register in municipalities, regions, the KKPP, related bodies and services of ministries and other bodies.

The second part concerns a theoretical training program of up to 150 hours in approved Lifelong Learning Centers which will lead to the certification of the knowledge and skills that will be acquired, constituting an active employment policy. .

Participation in the training (where new subjects have been added) is compulsory for beneficiaries up to 54 years old and optional for 55 years and over.

The procedure and conditions for implementing the training will be specified in a separate invitation to training providers. Therefore, those who join the training activities will work in municipalities, regions, etc. for 7 months as part of the program and will participate in the training for one month. Beneficiaries over 55 will work for 8 months.


The OAED covers the salary costs of the beneficiaries who will be employed by each institution as well as the insurance contributions. The net daily salary of beneficiaries is set at 1/25 of the net amount of the minimum wage in force and cannot exceed the net amount of the minimum wage, if applicable.

Or 650 euros by the end of this year and 663 euros for recruitments which will be made from January 1, 2022, given the increase in the minimum wage.


The OAED welcomes electronic applications from beneficiaries and establishes a classification table of the unemployed – by sector and specialty – according to the selection and classification criteria provided (period of continuous registered unemployment, disability, annual income, number of minor children, if the beneficiary is an Income beneficiary etc.).

It then links the beneficiaries to the jobs of supervisors and placement services according to the final rankings.

Dimitris Kostakos

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