New community service created from the merger


Kelly Wylie (Director of The Trust Tararua) is now the Director of Tararua Community Services. Photo / Provided

A merger between two community services will not change the service offered and may even strengthen what is already offered.

The Tararua Trust has partnered with Tararua Family Services (formerly known as Dannevirke Family Services to become Tararua Community Services under Anglican Care Waiapu.

A spokesperson for the new service said The Trust had decided to disband after 31 years due to difficulties in supporting itself financially.

And this, despite the strong support of the community and donors.

The process of merging the two services began in 2020, with both councils deciding that The Trust’s operations would fall under Anglican Care Waiapu.

Trust board chair Keryn Brass said it was not a decision taken lightly.

“We are confident that this decision is in the best interests of the South Tararua community.”

The Trust, which was formerly known as the Pahiatua Community Services Trust, began as a small advisory service and has evolved into a one stop shop for all community needs.

Brass said the founders created the organization with the aim of providing the community with social services and ensuring they were accessible to everyone.

“That vision has become a reality and over time the organization has evolved into something much bigger and more meaningful to our community than we could have hoped for.”

She said it hadn’t been easy to navigate a small non-governmental organization through the hoops and keep it financially afloat.

“We are grateful for the support we have received from funders and community donations over the years.”

Anglican Care Waiapu (ACW) was the social service arm of the Anglican Diocese of Waiapu with programs including early years centres, programs for the elderly such as the Elske Center in Dannevirke, family services and Growing Through Grief.

ACW Chief Executive Lucy Laitinen said joining the two services to become Tararua Community Services would allow the much needed services provided by The Trust to continue as part of ACW’s wider whanau support system.

“I would like to acknowledge the efforts of current and former trustees of The Trust who have given so much of their time, energy and talents to the community over the years.”

Trust manager Kelly Wylie has taken on the role of Tararua Community Services Manager.

Laitinen said staff at The Trust spent part of the first week undergoing training on the new ACW systems and processes, but otherwise continued to work as usual.

She said there would be no change in service delivery.

“We’ve only just had a larger footprint and over time we’ll be able to strengthen our current offerings by having a bigger presence.”

The newly established service would continue to provide a wide range of services across Tararua District including social work, counselling, parenting support, pregnancy testing and access to midwifery, support for the elderly, family and youth programs.


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