National Guard Begins CNA Training, Rehoboth Beach Applies New Mandate for Employees | News



DELAWARE– Delaware Tech campuses are National Guard certified nursing assistant training sites.

Around 100 soldiers and women are scattered throughout the state, 23 of them in Dover.

In just two weeks, they’ll learn what it takes to be a licensed practical nurse, which community college associate vice president of workforce development Paul Morris says is time-intensive. normal.

“Typically this is a six to ten week program,” Morris said. “We’re doing two weeks now. Obviously it’s a state of emergency so we try to meet their needs. So it really depends on the students. We try to create a schedule that meets their needs but also gets them into facilities in a timely manner. “

Members understand the wave of COVID is serious and their efforts are needed. First Lt. Antwan Miller said he had never expected him to undertake something like this, but is looking to make the most of these two weeks.

“For this training, I hope that myself and all soldiers will gain medical expertise and adapt it to their civilian way of life and improve over time,” said Lt. Miller.

On the same day the state of emergency was declared, the Town of Rehoboth Beach put in place a warrant for town employees. They must either be fully immunized with a booster, or if they are not going to be vaccinated, they must provide a weekly negative test to be able to come to work.

City manager Sharon Lynn says safety is of the utmost importance to employees and community members, 73 of whom are fully vaccinated.

“My only goal here is to keep employees and the public safe,” Lynn said. “We have not yet closed the town hall but it is a consideration in the future if we are to go this route.”

The city is teaming up with Aspira Health to vaccinate people, including its employees, at a clinic Wednesday night at the convention center.

Governor Carney has said time and again how many vaccinations determine the severity of the outbreak. Yesterday, he reported that 71% of hospitalizations were to unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people and until they receive the vaccines, the increase in the number of cases will not go away.



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