Mineola Village Council Approves Block Grant for Community Development


On March 9, the Mineola Village Council reviewed and approved the various projects that would be funded through the Federal Community Housing and Urban Development Block Grants that are distributed by the Nassau County Office of Community Development.
Community Development Coordinator Thomas V. Savino stood before the board to consider the request, with a total of $500,000 being requested to improve the village.

The first component is to convert and install LED light fixtures in all public streetlights located in areas eligible for the grant. The village will request $295,000 to carry out this project.

Also in the application, $75,000 is requested to cover costs related to the installation of lighting sight lines for pedestrian paths. It’s a feature, according to a package distributed to the council by Savino, that would enhance the town center ambience and encourage walkability and pedestrian comfort.

“During the COVID period, we received money to create pedestrian lighting in our [Transit Oriented Development zone], which is basically around the railroad, Mineola Boulevard, Second Street, Main Street; this whole area,” Savino explained during the meeting. “In this area, especially on Second Street and Main Street, there is a lack of street lighting. We are looking to install sidewalk lights to increase lighting for pedestrians.

However, due to the topography under the sidewalk, it is difficult to install these lights.

“We are going to need additional technical assistance to achieve this,” Savino said.
Commercial rehabilitation is also addressed in the application, with a request for $120,000. The money would fund efforts to continue assisting and subsidizing the expenses of commercial building owners and private businesses to produce coordinated and qualified exterior improvements to their buildings. The goal would be to create a harmonious, clean and inviting aesthetic in the village.

And finally, $10,000 was requested to help eligible seniors, people with disabilities and low-income residents fund home improvements, including energy efficiency, accessibility and repairs.

“You and the committee have literally changed the face of the village in some areas for the better,” Mayor Scott P. Strauss said.

Also at the meeting:
The council has approved a new restaurant at 90-18 Jericho Turnpike. The plaintiff, Jason Jin, will open a sushi restaurant. He already owns a restaurant in Ridgewood called Jin Ramen Sushi which serves noodles, sushi and other main dishes. Jin said the menu for this new restaurant in Mineola will be similar. The restaurant will be small with 37 covers and beer, wine and sake will also be served there. There will also be a take-out service, but the main focus of the restaurant will be on-site service.

The board was also presented with a potential new business that would open at 133 Mineola Blvd. called Your space. The board was unable to vote on the application that evening. Your Space, which would occupy the area that was once Eleanor Rigby’s, would provide two floors of rental offices and conference rooms. On the top floor there would be a pub. The pub would feature a partially retractable high rise system which would be open in hot weather.


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