Letter: Director of Community Development corrects Peter Blake on parking


Many callers to the January 25, 2022 City Council Zoom meeting warned the City Council about increased usage and parking. One resident said: “Changes to the parking element of the Town Center Specific Plan will allow developers to intensify use without properly mitigating the impacts it creates. Apparently the residents are better informed than Councilman Peter Blake.

Councilman Peter Blake exposed his ignorance about the increased use around 1:57 a.m. after the meeting began. After being corrected, he still voted to approve the revised downtown specific plan. Revisions intended to worsen parking, congestion, traffic and the livelihoods of surrounding businesses.

Councilman Peter Blake:

“Marc, I would like to clarify something. We keep repeating that a place of sale could be transformed into a restaurant without modifying the car park. Everything I know says it’s wrong. If you are an outlet and you decide to open a restaurant in this outlet, you are going to have to find parking, right? »

Marc Wiener, Director of Community Development:
“So with the updated specific plan for downtowns, three spaces per 1,000 square feet of commercial floor space, regardless of use, will be required for most uses.”

Yours sincerely,

Gene Felder, Laguna Beach

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