Lauren Schifer’s success and community service at Mary Kay


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Although not originally from Marion, Lauren Schifer has not been far. A native of Bucyrus and a graduate of Colonel Crawford, Schifer attended Ohio State University in Marion. She obtained a major in economics with a minor in finance. Schifer started selling Mary Kay in 2015 on a part-time basis.

“If I sold one mascara a week, that would pay for a pitcher of beer on a Friday night,” Schifer said.

This plan worked well, until Schifer wanted more.

“I worked in a bank and I hated it. I decided to quit and focus on Mary Kay for six months. I’ve been doing it ever since, ”Schifer says of his career.

Thanks to Mary Kay, Schifer won four company cars and made the top 20 in sales two years in a row. Schifer owns Studio Sparkle, a training center for new beauty consultants. This allows her and her team members to organize makeup classes, skincare classes and typical Mary Kay parties. Schifer is known to be a makeup artist for many life events including weddings and proms. With 89 people on his team, Schifer enjoys training leaders who train leaders.

From a Mary Kay consultant to sales manager, her success has allowed her to pursue her true passion.

“What committed me to Mary Kay is all the charitable work they do as a business,” says Schifer.

Schifer loves all the charitable work Mary Kay does as a business, and the flexibility it gives her to volunteer and donate to causes like the Marion Area Humane Society.

Mary Kay gave Schifer the opportunity to volunteer her time and donate money to causes she believes in. Schifer has volunteered and served on the board of directors of the Marion Area Humane Society, as well as paid adoption fees so that many dogs will find theirs forever. houses. Each year, Schifer writes a letter of recommendation to the Mary Kay Foundation for Turning Point. To date, the Foundation has donated $ 80,000.

Schifer says, “My heart is in philanthropy and nonprofit work.”

Schifer runs an Adopt-a-Grandparent program each winter, in partnership with three nursing homes. People will sponsor gifts and then she will deliver them. Schifer says the number of gifts given runs into the thousands.

Schifer is also a mentor through Marion Mentors, giving her time over the past five years. She is a volunteer Cheering Coach for Harding Youth Football and is entering her third year on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Business Council. Additionally, Schifer was nominated for the Athena Prize.

Schifer takes pride in enriching the lives of other women with skin care and cosmetics. She enjoys helping others feel confident. She fondly remembers having a consultant on her team who is a single mother of three, calling her a full-time working supermom. At the start of the summer, she told Schifer that she needed a new heating and air conditioning unit. The cost was around $ 1,500 and she didn’t have the money for it. Schifer helped make a plan for her to sell enough products for the unit.

“I helped her set a goal. I have to be his responsible partner all summer. I made a plan and showed her exactly how I break down my Mary Kay job to achieve a specific financial goal. When she said she made enough money to buy her the unit, I cried because I was so proud of her, ”says Schifer.

During the stay-at-home order, Schifer became a designer and owner of WARM Clothing Co. She is pictured with a design that allowed her to sponsor three impound adoptions.

Although busy with her volunteer work and her Mary Kay business, Schifer didn’t stop there. During the stay-at-home order, Schifer found herself with some free time after the weddings postponed and took the opportunity to start a second business. She is now the creator and owner of WARM Clothing Co. Of course, with a passion for nonprofit organizations, she raised funds through specific designs to donate to the Marion County Dog Pound. One of the models featured the client’s dog ears above the pocket.

“I think it’s important to leave a place better than when you got there. I think everyone should give back to the community, ”says Schifer.

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