Hart Chosen to Lead Ridgeland Public Works and Community Development


The Town of Ridgeland is pleased to announce the appointment of Alan Hart to its Public Works Department. Currently Director of Community Development, Hart’s position will encompass the leadership positions of Public Works and his newly acquired Community Development subdivision. The decision to give Hart this dual role, effective October 1, was unanimously approved by the mayor and the council of aldermen and came to fruition after the announcement of the retirement of the director of public works from longtime Mike McCollum.

“First and foremost, I want to thank the Mayor and the Board of Directors for entrusting me with one of the most important roles in our city. I’m honored that they have this level of confidence in me, and I’m excited to lead the best people in town as we continue to market Ridgeland as the best city in the state of Mississippi, ”said Hart. “Second, I am completely grateful to Mike McCollum for his 27 years of service to the Town of Ridgeland and his leadership as Director of Public Works. I appreciate the structured department he has built.

Mayor Gene McGee knew Hart was the obvious choice to lead public works. “Alan’s leadership, talent, positive attitude, vision and dedication to the City and its citizens are the reason why the Board of Directors and I made the decision to combine two major departments and appoint Alan to lead both.

Hired in 2005, Hart’s goal at the time was to do everything possible to continue to help Ridgeland prepare for a better future and maintain the economic vitality and heritage of the small town. For the past 16 years, Hart has done just that. His involvement in various projects has been hailed by the city, some of which include the 2008 Ridgeland Area Master Plan, the Butler Snow Building, Township, Renaissance, Northpark Renovation, Costco and the Town Hall Building. from Ridgeland. “I was lucky to have a favorable mayor and board of directors, and these completed projects would never have been a reality without their vision of integrating a solid economic development plan for the city,” insisted Hart. Additionally, while he was Director of Community Development, Hart and his team managed over $ 1 billion in licensed construction for the Town of Ridgeland.

Alderman-at-Large DI Smith praised the new public works hire. “Alan Hart is the one we turn to when the chips are down and there are almost insurmountable challenges, such as tackling the big out-of-state landfill company that made fun of it. ‘impact it had on our health, well-being and safety. . And, while no one gave us a chance in the fight, we won thanks to people like Alan Hart. He has a spontaneous and contagious enthusiasm that motivates everyone to do their best! I am so proud that he was chosen for this role. He – and the town of Ridgeland – will excel!

Hart looks forward to fostering a more service-oriented department and continuing to provide citizens with the best place to live. In addition, he plans to work with McCollum and his supervisors and establish positive working relationships with all public works employees to make the transition as smooth as possible.


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