Girl Scout Troop 45483 shows love for dogs through community service


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For the Girl Scouts of Troop 45483, the love of dogs has been front and center as they worked on bronze and silver medals and other community service projects over the past year.

Ukraine’s overriding concern for pets mobilized fourth and fifth grade Scouts into action by creating posters, making dog treats and hosting a bake sale that exceeded all expectations.

They set a modest goal of $150, but found that their effort and enthusiasm brought in over $600 in sales. Their junior leader then donated the funds to Humane Society International which works with various groups on the ground in Ukraine to help with animal rescue efforts.

During the bake sale, a few Junior Scouts even sampled dog treats that were made with ingredients that were safe for humans and pets! While it’s not exactly something they would try again, scouts Aurora and Sylvie said they did it to express their gratitude to all the furry friends in our lives.

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The sixth and seventh grade cadets demonstrated their love of pets by designing and producing an all-new patch program for the Spirit of Nebraska Council.

For their silver medal, these scouts created the Pawsitive Allies Patch program to inspire change. To earn the crest, Scouts must complete five steps. Each stage offers three different activities to choose from and all stages must be completed to earn the patch.

Activities include things like researching local animal protection laws and how animal sanctuaries operate, learning about wildlife in the area and finding a local wildlife sanctuary, visiting a sanctuary, l making a difference for animals and spreading the message about local rescue organizations or helping animals. get adopted.

Susan Nickels, Council Silver Award Coordinator, wrote: “Your Pawsitive Allies patch program is fantastic. Thank you for protecting and speaking up for animals and creating an agenda for all of us. Thank you for making the world a better place!”

In late August, the entire troop enjoyed a visit from one of their favorite rescue organizations, Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue. This non-profit organization serves the Midwest and specializes in education and training as well as rehoming all breeds of dogs.

Muddy Paws has brought adorable furry friends like Millie, August and Sebastian for scouts to love. Scouts were able to pet the dogs and give them treats, and they learned the difference between fostering and adopting.

Along with spending time with the dogs, the Scouts donated puppy and dog food, as well as handmade treats, toys and snuff mats, which help stimulate the dogs’ sense of smell. Junior Scouts Xylia, Samantha, Lizzie and Evelyn all agreed that the best part of visiting Muddy Paws was petting and giving treats to the dogs and finding out what they could do to help.

To wrap up the year, the Scouts visited the Nebraska Humane Society at the end of October and earned the Bone Badge. They learned that the shelter was founded in 1875 and the vital services it provides.

During the visit, the scouts saw two domesticated turkeys and were told that the sanctuary welcomes all kinds of wild animals which it then collects. Examples include an alligator and a monkey that have found new homes at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

The scouts found it interesting that the dogs could learn sign language and that the Humane Society welcomes several deaf animals each year.

Finally, the scouts enjoyed seeing the different dogs housed in the spacious new kennel. At the end of the tour, Cadette Scout Ruby said it was interesting to learn what it takes to help so many animals.

From all the food, to the amount of laundry they do in a day, it takes more than 400 volunteers at the Omaha agency to keep the animals fed and clean until they’re adopted.


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