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Diego and Dora have been found straying together, and we don’t know if they were brought up together (they’re not very old), but they are related and seem to need each other!

Beautiful Dora is about a year old. Even being alone with her friend Diego, she has such a sweet, happy and easy going manner. That’s not to say that she doesn’t like to play because she does and always shows off that puppy! Diego has such a loving spirit and really enjoys being around people. He’s a pretty cool guy most of the time, but being only around 9 months old (he’s a big guy) he’s still pretty excited about everything. Both do well with other dogs, always wagging their tails in welcome, and rarely barking. They both know how to wait for potty outside and are very gentle with treats and food.

It’s from their coach / host: “DIEGO needs DORA more than she needs him. She’ll at least go to potty without him, but then she wants to come back with him, and the reunion is like they’ve spent days apart. DIEGO, however, cannot function without his sister. They are so dependent on each other it’s sad to see them always looking for each other when I pull them one at a time to work with them. Their lives haven’t been very cohesive, so the bond between them is even stronger. Having each other is something they can always count on. I feel like separating them would be damaging to their psyche and forever change who they are. There must be someone out there with 3 or 4 kids who needs some playful puppies … “

We offer a foster program to adopt and work with our trainers if you think you have a household that would benefit from having new “two for one” family members! Visit for our adoption request.

Diego and Dora are fully vaccinated, microchipped and Diego is sterilized and Dora is sterilized. Diego and Dora are available for adoption through Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts.

For more information, visit the Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts website at

Photo provided by CARE

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