Gilbert Town Council appoints first members of Community Engagement Task Force


Kathy Tilque, Board Member, discusses member appointments to Gilbert’s Community Engagement Task Force. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Gilbert City Council named nine residents on February 8 to serve on the town’s new Community Engagement Task Force.

The nine commenced their service with their appointment at the council meeting and will do so by notice to the council on matters assigned or unless extended for other assignments.

The named members are Aya Affo, Chris Curley, Katie Hackett, Amy Holstein, Alexandra Rodriguez, Javier Rodriguez, Christine Sabel, Sean Warren and Heather Watts.

Additionally, Suzanne Lunt and Bus Obayomi will serve as alternates.

Using the city’s 2019 community needs assessment as a guide, the council identified five topics that will be priorities for the task force: domestic violence; mental health and suicide prevention; homelessness and low income issues; human and sex trafficking; and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The task force will identify community engagement opportunities and actions that can be taken with these plans presented to the board in May or June. After council approval, campaigns would begin, city officials said. The hope is to connect residents to services that can help them, whether that be nonprofits or state or county programs.

Council member Kathy Tilque, who presented the administrative item to council and is council’s liaison to the task force, said the city had piloted a new task force member selection program.

The city received 84 applicants for the positions, which Tilque said was a record amount for the city. He then selected 35 for video interviews, of which 20 candidates completed. The Council then scored them from the interview before the appointments were made.


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