GE Awards 2022: List of Finalists for the Community Involvement Award


This award will recognize a project with a strong geotechnical focus that has gone above and beyond the expected standard to engage with the community where the project is implemented.

Aecom, Geotechnical Engineering & Sunbelt Rentals: Northumberland Line Ground Survey

The project delivered the Ground Investigation (IG) work for Northumberland County Council’s Northumberland Line project to re-establish a freight line to enable passenger services. The team integrated community engagement into the delivery of the project, with early engagement prior to construction, strategy development including the definition of key performance indicators, progress meetings, ongoing monitoring and an end of project report.

The team recognized that a collaborative approach from all parties – Aecom, Geotechnical Engineering and Sunbelt Rentals – would produce impactful results. By matching local needs to the scope of their work, the parties were able to identify how the project could better address local concerns. Community engagement was structured around four main themes: employment and skills, ethical trade, community engagement and the environment.

Local partnerships created during the IG element of the works will be utilized as work progresses on the Northumberland Mainline. The community engagement activity created a legacy for local organizations and built their capacity and resilience.

Jacobs: Sidmouth Amphitheater

Sidmouth Amphitheater

The Sidmouth Amphitheater Flood Mitigation Project is an innovative example of how, with the right vision and commitment from stakeholders and the community, civil engineering projects can be designed and delivered to the community. both as functional assets and as amenity space. The project combines the functional requirement to provide protection for the residents of the town of Sidmouth from surface water flooding with the desire to create recreational and community green space.

The project, which was delivered during the Covid-19 pandemic, incorporates a number of traditional geotechnical features, including recessed retaining walls, reinforced soil and general earthworks, but was designed according to the principles of blue-green infrastructure so that they can increase community exposure to the natural environment, provide opportunity for recreation and physical activity, and promote community identity and a sense of well-being, while providing economic benefits .

Soil Engineering Geoservices and North Lanarkshire Council: East Airdrie Link Road

Soil Engineering Geoservices Community Support

While working on a complex field survey in East Airdrie, the Soil Engineering project team sought to engage with the client, North Lanarkshire Council, and the local community, to deliver benefits beyond the reach Works. Due to the scale of the project, he recognized the importance of sensitive and strategic integration with the community.

After researching local organisations, he identified a local mental health support charity, Chris’s House, as a target for his support. Providing a safe space for people in or approaching mental health crisis, Chris’s House works in the community where many of its staff live.

Soil Engineering has strengthened its relationship with North Lanarkshire Council by supporting Apprenticeship Week, hosting 16-18 year olds from six local colleges.

It has also supported career development, social welfare and visibility of STEM in Leeds, and integrated STEM awareness into elite level youth sport, trying to positively influence its operations in the UK. -United.


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