Gannawarra Shire Council Undertakes ‘Community Engagement’ for Aquatic Strategy Project


In Discussion: The Leitchville Pool is just one of the pools in Gannawarra County that is the subject of debate. Photo by Ruth Clayton

Gannawarra Shire’s board will undertake a broad community engagement program regarding its proposed Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy in 2022, with the board approving the document to move to the community engagement stage at the December 2021 board meeting.

It is important to note that no decision has been made on the future of the aquatic facilities in the Gannawarra Shire.

The Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy Project explores a number of recommendations that are now available for community consultation.

The final aquatic strategy will not be developed until a broad consultation process has been undertaken.

Input and collaboration with community members, user groups and key stakeholders will be essential in developing the final version of the strategy.

The draft Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy was developed following feedback from residents and key stakeholders through on-site surveys and meetings, technical assessments of all council and community managed facilities in the municipality and the ” preparation of an analysis report of strategic orientation options.

The draft document explores the following strategic directions:

  • The redevelopment of the Kerang swimming pool to include a new integrated indoor aquatic center;
  • Development of a new aquatic complex in Cohuna, comprising an open-air leisure lagoon, an aquatic play area and a swimming learning area, to replace the current facility;
  • Maintain the Koondrook swimming pool according to current management methods; and
  • Collaborate with the Department of the Environment, Lands, Water and Urban Planning and the community asset committees to consider the future of the Leitchville and Quambatook swimming pools.

“The approval to withdraw the draft Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy for widespread community engagement is another key step towards the development of this important strategy,” said Gannawarra Shire Mayor Charlie Gillingham.

“Developed with the help of extensive research and with evidence-based recommendations, the Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy Project proposes a bold change to the provision of aquatic activities in Gannawarra, with a greater emphasis on the use modern and contemporary, rather than focusing on maintaining a model of service that was created when the outdoor facilities were built over 50 years ago.

“It is important to note that a final decision regarding the future of swimming pools in Gannawarra has not been made.”

Residents will be able to provide feedback on the draft Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy through an extensive community engagement process that will begin in March 2022.

As outlined in the engagement plan approved at the December 2021 board meeting, residents will be able to engage with the board through a range of opportunities, including contextual sessions similar to what happened during the meeting. elaboration of the 2021-2025 plan of the council of Gannawarra Shire. and meetings with committees and groups that use our pools, ”said Cr Gillingham.

“This process will also allow advisors to develop a better understanding of any potential impact on the community that the Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy Project will have now and in the future.”

Details regarding the community engagement process for the development of the Gannawarra Aquatic Strategy Project will be released once further details are confirmed through the board’s print posts, website and social media accounts.

“Residents are also encouraged to note that this process will not change the existing operations of the council run and community run swimming pools in Gannawarra at this time,” said Cr Gillingham.

For more information on the council and the community run swimming pools located in Gannawarra County, please visit


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