Engen’s community IT training opens doors for new graduates


The Engen School of Computing continues to have a positive impact on the lives of residents of southern Durban, with 28 percent of graduates, who completed the course in May, having found full-time employment.

Gregory Gordon, Quinton Horwood, and Selby Smith, all in their 40s, are some of the latest shining examples of the benefits of formal computer training.

According to Sheryl Casalis, course coordinator at Engen Computer School and director of training at Added Advantage Academy, the trio had become redundant because they did not know computers. “Greg, Quinton and Selby all expressed their gratitude to Engen for the free training they received which has changed their lives. As the main breadwinners, they can now support their families with their new computer skills, which have enabled them to land new contracts and re-enter the workforce, ”said Casalis.

Deon-Dre De Wee, who got a job in Chep’s logistics department, Robin Harris, who got a job with ADT, and Siyamthanda Mchunu who works at EMRS, are other achievements of recent graduates.

Engen School of Computer Science moderator Gary Lambert with proud graduate Deon Dre de Wee who has found a job with Chep.

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“With high unemployment rates in South Africa, we believe that improving skills is of paramount importance to increase a person’s chances of finding employment,” said the managing director of the refinery of Engen, Sykry Hassim.

Over the past decade, Engen’s free computer training school has transformed many lives in South Durban, with 2,355 graduates whose prospects of finding employment have improved during this time.

Gregory Gordon.

“The success stories bring hope to those who study at the center, knowing that the course really increases their chances of finding a job,” added Casalis.

The Engen School of Computer Science offers introductory-level computer training, covering the standards of eight units of the national certificate: information technology, end-user computer qualification. To register, applicants must be unemployed at the end of their education and reside in South Durban. Although the enrollment and age criteria are not prescribed, most of the students who attend the school are between the ages of 20 and 40.

Quinton Horwood, proud graduate of Engen Computer School.

“As a caring and responsible company, Engen is both proud and honored to play a small role in the positive development of the lives of community members who reside in an area close to the Engen refinery. Engen is committed to stepping up its efforts and doing the right thing, starting with paying close attention to the people in the communities in which we operate, ”Hassim said in conclusion.


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