Engagement sessions have been held with voluntary social welfare organisations, according to the Ministry of Community Development


PUTRAJAYA: Engagement sessions are held with the Voluntary Welfare Organizations for Persons with Disabilities (OKU) to improve service delivery to the group, the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development said .

According to the ministry, the engagement sessions, conducted through the Department of Social Welfare (JKM), are organized to provide feedback on improving services for OKUs, as well as program implementation. pilot on cashless social assistance payments. through JKMPay.

“The discussion during the engagement session touched JKMPay very much. Explanations about who is involved in the JKMPay program, how it is implemented and what services are provided under JKMPay were explained in detail” , the ministry said in a statement here on Saturday (February 26).

The Ministry said that the Department of Social Welfare will continue to strengthen the process of digitization of public service delivery in line with the Malaysian Digital Economy Master Plan (RTEDM) for the welfare of the people in line with the Vision of shared prosperity.

The ministry said it has also taken note of the issues raised by the ministry’s target groups using the “whole of government and whole of the nation” approach so that the mobilization of various parties such as social organizations, agencies , businesses, local leaders and communities can be used. ensuring the success of programs, especially the delivery of government services to target groups. – Bernama


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