Emirates News Agency – Ministry of Community Development launches ‘Community Summer Platform’ targeting 10,000 people


DUBAI, 1st July, 2022 (WAM) — The Ministry of Community Development has launched the “Community Summer Platform”, which includes a variety of initiatives and events, implemented by the ministry in several emirates in collaboration with its government and private sector and NGO partners targeting all family members, children, youth and the elderly from July 3 to August 31, 2022.

The ministry is targeting 10,000 people in 200 activities over eight consecutive weeks, spread across 30 locations across the UAE, such as centres, seniors’ clubs and partner centres.

This year, the platform promotes a culture of volunteerism and community responsibility among community members. It also supports the needs and aspirations of individuals to obtain greater benefits during the summer period and to make better use of free time with their families and society as a whole.

About fifteen non-profit public associations take part in several events and activities.

Nasser Al Zaabi, advisor to the Ministry of Community Development, said that 75% of the community summer platform focuses on supporting the programs of the ministry’s client happiness centers, namely family building, family stability , volunteering, community service design, training, orientation, development, mental and physical health and micro-projects, while 25% of the initiatives will strengthen the programs of the centers in coordination with the competent federal and local authorities in culture, sports and media. All community members can register on the platform through the Ministry’s website www.mocd.gov.ae and the MOCD CONNECT smart app.

Al Zaabi pointed out that the program promotes the culture of volunteerism and community responsibility in the home environment through a volunteer initiative titled “Your Summer is Safe” to improve emergency response skills during the most anticipated incidents. during the summer period, creating a safe environment to keep community members safe, during which they are trained in a number of skills such as first aid, mental health support, field investigation , evacuation, etc. The program aims to train and qualify 200 government staff volunteers in different ministries and authorities to prepare for the summer season and play an active role in their entities and social environment to sustain lives and the nation.

The Nation Family program initiative in partnership with the Government of Ajman’s Summer Happiness Program targets the families of 40 UAE citizens and residents. After meeting required standards such as family planning, family partnership, volunteer programs, parent self-development, health care, family relationships, special ability support and national identity, the winning family receives program privileges.


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