Emirates News Agency – Ministry of Community Development holds workshop to protect children from abuse


DUBAI, 24th July, 2022 (WAM) — As part of its initiatives to raise awareness of the Federal Child Rights Law “Wadeema” and the “I do not accept” program, the Ministry of Community Development is implementing a number of awareness workshops in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism Libraries, with the aim of educating children about their rights and duties and protecting them from abuse in all its forms .

The “No Accept” program, which targets children from 3 to 10 years old, aims to teach children not to accept abuse and the appropriate means that children can resort to if they are exposed to any type of abuse by using innovative communication methods based on using the appropriate methods that appeal to children at this age.

The program uses an electronic system in which a variety of questions are asked to benefit from children’s feedback and information and at the same time correct misconceptions among children.

This year’s workshops also focus on several topics, including: the rights of the child’s family, the rights to health, the rights to education, the cultural rights, the protection, the duties of the child towards others and the contact numbers with the competent authorities in case of abuse.

The Ministry of Community Development is very keen to spread the culture of child rights in the community by linking sensitization workshops with the Child Rights Act “Wadeema” and its regulations to promote the raising awareness and creating positive societal attitudes and behaviors towards children’s rights at different levels such as: entities, family and community members.

These workshops adopt key pillars aimed at clarifying child rights protection measures and the appropriate means of implementing them, introducing the responsibilities of all authorities implementing child rights legislation and clarify early intervention methods to reduce risk factors and their impact on the child and family.

The Child Rights Act “Wadeema” stipulates several basic provisions, including all regulations relating to the rights of the child, such as: the child’s right to life, well-being, expenses and health services, the involvement of the child in various programs and activities that strengthen his personality and enable him to acquire the skills necessary to overcome all concerns and challenges, the prohibition of all forms of violence in educational institutions and the protection of children from exploitation or abuse.

The law also included child protection rights by establishing child protection units in coordination with relevant authorities based on applicable regulations and laws.


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