Emirates News Agency – Community Development Department celebrates International Day of Sign Languages


ABU DHABI, 22nd September, 2022 (WAM) — The Community Development Department (DCD) of Abu Dhabi has celebrated the International Day of Sign Languages, which is celebrated on September 23rd every year.

The Ministry underscored its support for the linguistic identity and cultural diversity of determined people, in particular the hearing impaired, emphasizing the importance of sign languages, their main tool of communication.

This day was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in order to raise awareness of the importance of sign languages ​​within the framework of the human rights of people with hearing loss and to consider them as natural languages ​​with complete elements, whatever their structural differences from spoken languages.

DCD celebrates this day as part of its commitment to promote the inclusion and empowerment of purposeful people by inviting partners and working with them to remove the physical, organizational, mental and communication blockages they face, such as unavailability of sign language translation. , which deprives people of the determination of their rights, opportunities and services.

These efforts are implemented through six pillars defined by the Abu Dhabi Strategy for Determined People, which is considered an overarching framework for efforts and initiatives supporting determined people, as well as a key development in their inclusion. and their empowerment, and a template showcasing collaborative government and private sector efforts.

The strategy targets determined people of all age groups and covers all major areas, namely health and rehabilitation; education; use; social care and protection; universal access and participation in aspects of social life, sports, culture, entertainment, tourism; and facilitators.

Dr. Layla Al Hayas, Executive Director of the Community Development Sector at DCD in Abu Dhabi, highlighted the importance of celebrating the International Day of Sign Languages ​​as it highlights the linguistic identity of determined deaf people and its preservation. in the context of linguistics and cultural diversity. In addition, the occasion highlights the importance of early access to sign language and the provision of sign language services, such as education, to ensure the personal and professional development of these individuals and enable them to reach their full potential.

Al Hayas added that DCD is committed to working with determined people and the organizations that represent them, including organizations and societies for the deaf, reaffirming the principle of “nothing about us without us” in establishing the policies and systems to ensure adequate care.

“DCD continues to be inspired by the visions and guidance of wise leadership, which is keen to provide ways to empower determined people and improve their participation in various sectors, to identify their specific needs and to meet them effectively. DCD will continue to play its leading role in providing determined people with all the support they need to lead full lives and create an environment that gives them equal opportunities and protects their rights,” she said. .


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