Diversity Council presents Narcan training to prevent opioid overdoses | New


ROCHESTER, Minnesota – It may be a big problem nationally, but the opioid crisis is having a big impact in our region. To prevent further overdoses, the Drug Diversity Council of Rochester held special Narcan education and training on Thursday.

The organization partnered with Steve Rummler Hope Network and Recovery is Happening for the community effort. The training is aimed at young people in The Med City and teaches them how to prevent opioid overdoses.

Giving someone Narcan can often help reverse an opioid overdose.

This is the first time the Rochester Diversity Council has made this presentation. Council leaders wanted to do this because the opioid crisis continues to grow in Rochester.

Many of those who have helped with this training today know people who have overdosed on opioids, some of whom have died. Heidi Wilkins, outreach and education coordinator for the Diversity Council of Rochester, thinks it’s important to get Narcan into the hands of people, even if they aren’t users.

“Opioid overdoses are so stigmatized that it’s very difficult to get the word out, so we just want to make sure everyone has the resources,” says Wilkins.

Wilkins also thinks it’s one of the most important events for the diversity council.

she adds “I do many, many events. I have planned hundreds of events over my years but I find this to be one of the most important because it is something that can save lives. lives, especially young lives, so I’m really proud of the event. I’m really proud of the kids who came and learned more.

The Rochester Diversity Council plans to hold another Narcan training this fall when the children are in school.


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