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De Anza College has partnered with Mountain View-based autonomous delivery company Nuro to offer the Autonomous Vehicle Technician Pathway program, aimed at preparing fleet technicians who specialize in electric autonomous vehicles.

According to Nuro officials, the partnership will serve as a model for the company’s self-development initiative, which encourages collaboration with community colleges across the country to create education and training opportunities.

“We are delighted to partner with De Anza – they have worked with us creatively to create and launch this innovative new path for students and local workers,” said Marcus Strom, Head of Fleet Management for Nuro, in a press release. “After receiving California’s first autonomous deployment permit and partnering with Domino’s, Kroger and others in our service areas, we have an immediate need for Fleet Technicians, Junior Fleet Technicians, and Technician Supervisors. fleet that will only grow over time. We look forward to continuing similar educational partnerships across the country to develop and fill these new jobs in green technology. “

To prepare students with the skills needed to work on Nuro’s electric vehicles and the Prius fleet, the course combines existing courses related to electric vehicle technology and computer programming. The course consists of two series of courses – Level I and Level II – for which De Anza plans to offer certificates in the near future.

The program includes a tuition-free course, or students can qualify for paid internships or part-time work opportunities at Nuro while completing the course. They will also be preferred to apply for positions at Nuro after completing the Level I courses.

As the state of California recently required all autonomous vehicles to be zero-emission by the 2031 model year, this program will serve this growing fleet.

“The partnership of autonomous vehicle technicians between Nuro and De Anza College is an exciting and pioneering moment in our economy,” said US Representative Eric Swalwell in the press release. “De Anza students have a new path to well-paying careers, while Nuro advances autonomous driving technology that can make on-demand services accessible to everyone. It is a win-win situation that should be emulated everywhere.

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