Consumer Reports Community Engagement Guidelines


Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization that proudly supports everyone’s right to freely and respectfully share ideas on important consumer issues. Our goal is to make every participant feel welcome in every dialogue and learning experience we create.

CR has adopted these Engagement Guidelines to help ensure that our events are safe spaces that reflect our values ​​of fairness, inclusion and fairness for all consumers. They describe the behavior we expect of everyone who participates in our community engagements with people inside and outside of CR, such as presentations and panel discussions.

Creating inclusive and respectful forums also means addressing harmful, abusive, and harassing behavior directed at our colleagues, partners, fellows, and other participants. When these events occur, we reserve the right to take action, such as deleting inappropriate comments, blocking a user from our social media platforms, or reporting the incident to the correct resource.

Expected behaviour

When attending a Consumer Reports event, each attendee must:

  • Assuming a good intention of all participants, volunteers, speakers and staff.
  • Be respectful participants who may not have your views and experiences.
  • Secure it for others to disagree with respect, in a spirit of constructive dialogue and informative exchange of ideas. Here are examples of how to do it: “A thought that comes to mind is…”. “What interests me is…”. “Another point of view that I would offer for consideration is…”.
  • Search to understand and learn from diverse shared perspectives. Show openness and curiosity. Ask questions when you are unsure.
  • Do not make personal or political comments based on sex, language, ethnic origin, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental ability, nationality or any other aspect of identity of the person. This includes comments based on the appearance, manner of speaking or other characteristics of people.
  • help each other promote respect, well-being and collective growth.

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