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To increase the safety preparedness of students, faculty, and staff, the Columbus State Community College Police Department strives to educate the campus community on how to properly respond to possible threats or situations of emergency.

For more information or to schedule one of the trainings below, contact:
Columbus State Police Department, Delaware Hall, Room 047
Lieutenant Tracy Anderson (614) 287-2166 or [email protected]

Training available

Self-defense training (times vary)

This challenging self-defense training for men and women combines physical training and martial arts, and is taught by experienced instructors on the Columbus campus. Click here for more information:

Active shooter (1 hour)

The presentation will be conducted from the perspective of a potential victim. It focuses on what you can do to improve your survivability before law enforcement arrives on the scene, as well as what to expect once they do.

Signs and symptoms of opioid abuse (1 hour)

This course will give you a better understanding of how widespread opioid abuse is. By the end of it, you will be able to recognize the symptoms and know what to do if they arise.

Tactical communications (1 hour)

This course focuses on de-escalation techniques from a customer service perspective that can help during a stressful encounter with an upset person. This course will help you better deal with difficult clients and gain a better understanding of how words can have different meanings depending on culture, region, education, etc.

Community Policing – Safety Practices (1 hour)

Learn general safety tips on how to protect yourself against common crimes that occur on college campuses. Participants will learn how to take simple steps to minimize their risk of becoming a victim of crime, as well as how and when to contact the police.

Active shooter response

Active shooter response


The proper use of vehicle restraint systems has been shown to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities. This includes the proper use of child restraint seats.


Never drive or let anyone drive impaired. You could become the victim and the criminal.



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