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Service hours are part of the Oklahoma Bible Academy Bible curriculum beginning in ninth grade. (Photo provided)

ENID, Oklahoma— When it comes to curriculum, Oklahoma Bible Academy staff make sure that students not only learn what’s inside the classroom, but also integrate into their community.

Hours of service are part of the OBA Bible curriculum starting in grade nine, according to OBA officials, and each year more hours are required.

“If you don’t complete (your service hours), it’s about 10 or 20 points off,” said OBA sophomore Ian Easton. “Actually, I don’t know how much, because the goal is really to encourage us to serve more than to be noted for it.”

Senior Blake Miller echoed the sentiment.

“It’s a school requirement, but the mindset is to have the attitude of a servant,” he said.

While a certain number of hours are required each year, the focus remains on developing students’ character and hearts for service, Miller said. Service projects vary widely, as students can choose where they serve.

“It’s nice that you can finish your hours in the summer,” Miller said. “Usually all my hours are finished before the school year starts.”

As a senior, Miller has racked up quite a few hours over the years, serving in his church, at various summer camps, and helping with training at the Autry Technology Center.

Other popular avenues of service are vacation Bible schools and summer camps, but students get creative by serving in places that pique their interest the most. For example, Easton said his favorite service project was Enter His Gates Summer Camp, located near Fairmont.

“I have to help the kids fish,” Easton said. “It’s fun to see how excited they are.”

Sophomore OBA student Nick Boeckman also got creative with the use of his hours. When an elderly man moved into an assisted living facility, Boeckman received hours of service stepping up and tending to that man’s lawn.

As the 2021-22 school year draws to a close, seniors are wrapping up their service hours, others are continuing to rack up their hours, and freshmen are looking to get started. Those with the opportunity for OBA students to serve can contact the office at (580) 242-4104 or email [email protected] Residents can keep up to date with student projects by following the school’s official Facebook and Instagram pages www.face or

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