Community first aid training


The five-day CBF training was facilitated and conducted by the National First Aid Coordinator Trainer Kawai Wotangas and assisted by nine Milne Bay Red Cross First Aid Trainers from November 8-12.

According to Wotangas, the training was also used to assess first aid trainers from the Milne Bay Red Cross branch in a village to qualify as first aid trainers.

This was the first deployment of CBFA and health awareness training and the training would increase the number of rescuers in the branch.

Due to COVID-19, training has been reduced nationwide.

The training covered first aid topics such as emergency care goals and casualty reporting, stable lateral position, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), lack of oxygen and circulatory disorders.

Also covered were general medical conditions, bandages / baby carriers, wounds and bleeding, management of special bleeds, burns and scalds, fractures and soft tissue injuries, management of spinal injuries, fracture management, poison and snakebite management and hand washing, HIV AIDS and COVID -19.

During the training sessions, strict COVID-19 protocols were followed. Hand washing and sanitation, and the wearing of face masks were enforced.

Rescuers have been warned when applying first aid to follow COVID-19 restrictions such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks and gloves.

“In an emergency situation that required the rescuer to perform CPR, make sure you are protected and do not apply mouth-to-mouth resuscitation only hand compressions,” Wotangas warned.

She also donated an adult mannequin and a baby mannequin for the branch’s first aid CPR training.

Meanwhile, Milne Bay Red Cross branch president Patricia Mark and vice president Bildad Kadada expressed their gratitude to Watongas and said the training would greatly help the branch be equipped for have locally trained first aid trainers to successfully conduct similar trainings in the province.

Mutuyuwa Ward Councilor Brendan Saking also praised the training in his neighborhood and was proud that the majority of participants were women.

Participants received first aid booklets from the Red Cross and will receive their first aid certificates from the Red Cross later.


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