Community engagement success with cops, coffee


Several members of the local Riverbank Police Department took a moment to host another coffee with a cop last week to engage with the community. The event took place at a new location and time, but the good vibes and warm welcome continued.

“The event was great,” said RPS leader Ed Ridenour. “Everyone seemed very excited to see us there as we were warmly welcomed. Conversations ranged from weather to crime to casual conversations. This is the purpose of the event, to get to know our residents better and for our residents to get to know their law enforcement better.

With the warm welcome they received last month and the positive response from the community, RPS hosted another coffee session, this one at Palo Sant Café at 9am on June 8th. During the hour at the cafe, there were a few guests who knew the officers. were going to be there and some who were pleasantly surprised.

“I thought the Palo Santo Café was a great place for the second Coffee with a Cop event,” Sergeant Howard said. “I believe the time change allowed us to meet and speak with a variety of customers who weren’t rushing to work but had time to stop and ask questions.”

A family entered the cafe delighted to see the officers. The young people shook their hands and thanked them for their public service to the community.

“I think the highlight is always interacting with all members of the community, from sales employees to customers,” Howard said. “I always find it refreshing when young people in our community come up to one of our members and thank them for their service and show a genuine interest in the field of public safety. »

The Palo Santo Café opened this year and offers an assortment of coffees, teas, homemade pastries, custom ice cream, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“The food and staff were amazing at Palo Santo Café,” added Ridenour. “If you haven’t been there, I encourage you to try it. I had the chilaquiles, absolutely delicious.

The chef noted that they will try to offer the Coffee with a Cop event once a month. Check the RPS Facebook page for the next date, location and time.


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