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A community development meeting was held in the meeting room of the Ponca City Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, October 21.

Brad Fox opened the meeting and with no new business, committee members provided their updates.

Dawn Brakey from Pioneer Technology Center explained that Joey Felts from GSA will be coming to the premises to talk about the training.

Dawn Janda shared some of the events at the Opportunity Center. Adults Day is slated to open in December. All of their customers were quarantined in the latest COVID-19 surge, but everyone who lives in the homes has returned to work.

Shasta Scott provided updates on Community National Bank and the Town of Ponca City.

The bank is doing well, as is New, seeing Urgently an increase in resources and Tin online agencies, the drive-thru of food traffic, and while the traffic of resource agencies in bank and partner have declined. at the Regional

Power Bank Public security center continues to operate in full progress and, with completion, recent demands have been moved until August to increase. 2022. NERA The city voted moved on its emergency sewage line model, to ensure it adheres to the vortex of polar centers, for disease some control lines did not hold and in because of their age and an urgency of social distancing from prevention in Bodock’s guidelines. Sub zone. The emergency meeting allowed the City to waive the Tendering Act as the situation could have caused environmental problems.

The town’s linemen recently competed in the linemen’s rodeo and won several winners.

The contractors are still working on the meters in town and should be finished later this week.

The city has requested more US rescue funds and will carry out several generational projects in the city.

Rick Hancock of the Rusty Barrell Supper Club has revealed that they are on track for a banner year. The Christmas celebrations are already reserved at the restaurant with limited places.

Sue Lunsford, a community volunteer, shared several updates.

Marland’s Place has 14 foster children, three or four of whom take great pride in being adopted by their foster families. being They did, ”hope NERA will build Council over President Homes on the Erin Liberton property. take care of more children.

“Typically, Community Health one in Foundation Six will face its hunger. Grills Oklahomans Now and Chills We’re struggling, as of April, so on 29, Service 2022. A planned location for Grills and at NERA Chills is yet to be critically determined. import

NERA is of crucial importance. Kelly Cross of Rick Scott Construction NERA Executive shared with Direc information on the various construction projects in which they are involved.

Work was completed at Schidler on the middle and high school, Rick Scott Construction was asked to come back and make additional parking for the school. They are also concluding a project for the Covington-Douglas schools.

As mentioned above, progress is being made on the Public Security Center.

They return the OSU extension office to Newkirk and have last second change orders on the annex. Once that’s done, the actual renovations to the Newkirk courthouse will go to tender and they’ll move on to that.

Pre-construction is underway on the Newkirk Public Safety Center and the Kay County Amphitheater structure has arrived.

They will start an expansion at the Bintz Pharmacy in Ponca City.

And finally, they are in preconstruction for the bond issue projects of the school district of the city of Ponca.

Mindy Myer from Alliance-Health shared an update on the doctors working with the hospital.

New doctors include: Dr Timothy Hoekstra, OBGYN; Dr Andrew Bauer, neurosurgeon employed by OU once a month; Dr Guillermo Robles is a new OBGYN started in June; Kelly Stratton, MD of OU Medical, and urologist; Family Medicine Christen Ground, DO; Surgeon JW Ground, DO; and Shea Charbeneau, DPM podiatrist in Edmond.

Many improvements have been made to the hospital, including the addition of LED lighting.

There are new staff, including Director of Materials Management Dan Brinkman; Director of Human Resources Cassandra Miller; Acting Emergency Director Chris Montgomery; Aaron Morgan is the new IT director; and new Marketing Director Brooke Jones.

Pioneer Technology Center industrial coordinator Johnny Thornburgh said truck driving training is continuing and wildfire training will be available soon.

The ongoing construction project is still on hold, as they are waiting for the materials.

Brooke Jones of Redland Office Solutions said the company is currently looking for a sales representative.

Bel Welch of 104.7 The Bull has revealed that they have acquired 95.9 KSOK from Ark City and will have more details once they get all the information from the FCC.

Chris Henderson has shared many ongoing projects for the city of Ponca City, including the expansion of Pioneer Tech; the Public Security Center; renovation at the Quality Inn on Bradly and 14th; new storage on Waverly; replacement of the roof at the RecPlex; the Scooters Coffee project at Bradly and 14th which is currently in litigation for access from Quality Inn; a strip center in Pecan and Lake; projects at Standing Bear Park, including a new pavilion and erosion control; sewer repairs in Kingston and Oklahoma; a water pipe project to improve the pressure in the area above Pecan; a retention pond northeast of Joe, to alleviate the flooding that occurs in Hartford and Joe when it rains heavily; the installation of a new bathroom and a shower at the Lac Ponca campgrounds; the construction of a driving range at the Wentz golf course; repairs to the Marland Grand Home; and the bridge deck over Union over Highland, which will be closed for three months.

They also hired two new home inspectors.

Brad Fox shared a few updates with Evans and Associates.

They have completed US 77 north of Newkirk and are preparing some grass. They finished several streets in Newkirk and the main street in Blackwell.

Other projects include asphalt on I-35 between Blackwell and Braman; work on Kelly Ave. by Osage Casion; paving of the parking lot of the Frazier’s restaurant; and perform various driveway repairs in town and for the Otoe-Missouria tribe.

Finally, Speaker of the House Rich Cantillon provided an update on the Chamber.

Cantillon has expressed his enthusiasm about the school bond issuance because from a recruiting standpoint, anyone moving to Ponca City will want to see the school facilities improved. Cantillon also thanked the Chamber’s Partners in Education (PIE) for their support to the schools, the plan was to have three companies per school to provide support.

Several ribbon cuts took place in the old RCB Bank building at 122 E. Grand Ave., and the location has turned into something of a mall with seven businesses currently inside.

The House hosted a luncheon on Friday October 22 with Oklahoma State Treasurer Randy McDaniel at the Pioneer Technology Center.

At the next House Board meeting, Oklahoma Executive Director of Commerce Brent Kisling will introduce Oklahoma State Senator Bill Coleman in appreciation for his work. in the economic development of the state of Oklahoma.

Community The National Bank will organize after-hours activities on Tuesday October 26 from 5 to 7 at the Ponca City Country Club.

House staff to travel to the State House Conference in Bartlesville October 27-29

On Monday, November 1, the Cash Mob at Staples takes place at 11:25 a.m. as part of the Shop Ponca First initiative.

Wednesday November 3 customer service training at the Chamber office.

On Thursday, November 4, the South Oklahoma City chamber will host its board retreat in Ponca City, consisting of approximately 40 people.

The next leadership course will be on November 10 and the Ponca Politics meeting will be held on November 19 with Mayor Homer Nicholson as a speaker and Mayor Nicholson will report on the state of the city.

The meeting was then adjourned.


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