Community development at the heart of the concerns of the new director of community services of Melfort


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It’s about growing and engaging the community for Rob Lok.

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The new director of community services for the town of Melfort, who started at the end of June, arrives in town via Yellowknife. He has worked in town halls for most of the last decade, and his expertise in this area is something he said he will use to develop, grow and move this forward.

“I look forward to working with the development community and helping advance their objects,” Lok said. “Additionally, I look forward to working with community groups and working with them to access city facilities and any new programs that may arise.

He added that the mural project, which has already gained momentum, is something he is particularly eager to pursue.

Lok took the vacancy that was left vacant when longtime director of development, planning and community relations Brent Lutz stepped down after 11 years with the city in December.

Despite his experience, Lok said he expects different challenges and pressures from his time in the city of Yellowknife.

“It’s a capital, which comes with a bit but a different pressure,” he said. “The public scrutiny up there is higher and the media scrutiny is a bit tougher.”

But for him, this job is a step up from his previous position. He takes on tasks that are not the same as what he has been doing, and he has expanded his portfolio by adding more responsibilities that will play an important role in shaping this community.

While the nature of the job and the town itself may be different, Lok said the culture of Melfort is something he knows very well.

“I look forward to being part of this kind of agricultural fabric that is a fundamental component of this community,” he said. “It’s definitely something that, where, growing up on the prairies and going back to those agricultural roots is something that appeals to me on a personal level.”


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