Coast Guard Cutter Oliver Berry conducts bilateral ship boardings and community engagement in Samoa


Coast Guard Cutter Oliver Berry (WPC 1124), a 154ft fast-response cutter based in Honolulu, patrolled the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Independent State of Samoa while teaming up with Marine Police and Fisheries Officers Samoans; they executed four safety and living marine resource boardings on Samoan and foreign flagged fishing vessels in Samoan waters, identifying six violations.

During their expeditionary patrol across Oceania, Oliver Berry’s crew works with partner governments like Samoa to conduct bilateral boardings to enhance maritime domain awareness and resource security in their EEZs; An EEZ is the area of ​​coastal water some distance from a country’s coastline over which the country claims exclusive rights for drilling, fishing and other economic endeavours.

The U.S. Coast Guard uses 11 bilateral law enforcement agreements with Pacific Islands Forum nations, including Samoa, to help ensure the security and sovereignty of nations’ maritime resources. These programs highlight the shared commitment to ensuring safety and freedom of navigation in the Pacific.

“Collaborating with our partners across Oceania is essential to ensuring a free and open Blue Pacific,” said Lt. Cmdr. Micah Howell, Commanding Officer of the Oliver Berry. “It is a privilege and we are proud to support Samoa through a dedicated partnership in the effort to maintain maritime governance and security.”

Oliver Berry’s crew also enjoyed a host of community involvements while in Samoa. These engagements included crew visits to the National University of Samoa Maritime School and Samoa Victim Support Camp, as well as a beach cleanup with U.S. Embassy staff, Peace Corps and Samoa Tourism Authority.

The crew also arranged visits from Oliver Berry for the Maritime Division of the Department of Police, Prisons and Corrections, Department of Works, Transportation and Infrastructure, Department of Agriculture and fisheries, members of the media and students from the National University. Samoa Maritime School and St. Mary’s College.

Oliver Berry’s crew will continue to patrol the Blue Pacific across the high seas in support of Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati to combat illegal, unregulated and unregulated fishing, demonstrating the Coast Guard’s enduring commitment United States towards our partner countries throughout Oceania.

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